Frequently Asked Questions

My child already knows a lot about Superflex, will s/he learn anything new?

Yes! While we use the Superflex curriculum as a basis for our lessons as a fun way to introduce concepts, we also use activities and ideas from many other resources to support social thinking and learning.

Can my child attend more than one session of camp? Will each week be the same?

Yes, we strongly encourage parents to sign their camper up for more than one week of Connections: Social Skills Camp! Each week we will be introducing new concepts and visiting slightly different locations.  Attending more than one session of camp will help reinforce social skills taught and further generalize these skills across settings for your child.  Take a look at the About Us tab to learn more about the activities and social thinking skills we will be focusing on each week.

Do we need to live in Eden Prairie to participate in Connections Camp?

No, you do not need to live in Eden Prairie to attend CSSC.  However, you are responsible for providing transportation to and from camp activities each day.   We have had campers attend from as far away as Saint Paul, Illinois, and Japan in past summers! We encourage campers from all over the Twin Cities (and beyond) to join us, we promise to make it worth your drive!

Are parents required to stay on-site during camp?

No, because we ask that all campers registering are able to work safely in a small group environment, caregivers are not required to stay on-site during camp. If families drive from a distance, there are many options for what to do during camp in order to minimize driving back and forth. Some caregivers enjoy using the time to run errands around the community. Other parents spend the time with camper’s siblings doing the same activity, such as bowling, mini-golfing, etc. We had one camper who would get anxious if his mother left, so she often read a book at the camp location of the day.

What is your cancellation policy?

Connections: Social Skills Camp reserves the right to cancel camp if fewer than six (6) campers are enrolled one week prior to the start of the session; a full refund will be provided to families. Cancellations by campers up to 14 days prior to the start of camp will be refunded less a $100 administrative fee. There will be no refund for registrations cancelled less than 14 days prior to the start of the session.

I want my camper to attend a camp session that doesn’t coincide with his/her age.  Can we make that work?

Contact us and we will make this decision on a case by case basis.  We will do our best to be ‘superflexible!’

My camper attended camp last year and loved it, but I’m wondering if it will be the same activities this year. Will s/he learn anything new at Connections: Social Skills Camp 2016?

Yes! We are constantly striving to introduce new concepts and find fun, exciting activities to facilitate learning. While we may have activities planned at locations CSSC has been to before, no two lessons are the same, and we will be focusing on different “Unthinkables” and learning activities each session. We do also feel it is valuable to review and reteach key concepts, as they are rarely mastered after one introduction.

Do you offer activities for high school students?

Connections: Social Skills Camp is excited to announce that the Summer 2016 programming is offered to students through 12th grade. Our summer daycamps currently serve kids entering 3rd through 12th grade.

Do you offer scholarships? We’d love to attend Connections: Social Skills Camp, but are not able afford it at this time.

Children with a medical diagnosis or an education label of an autism spectrum disorder may be eligible for a scholarship through Metro Friendship Foundation. Connections: Social Skills Camp is an approved provider with MFF, so we encourage families to review the scholarship guidelines and apply if you meet the requirements. Summer applications are due by May 25, 2016, so apply soon!

Additionally, the cost of camp may be eligible for a deduction on your Modification of MN Tax Return, using worksheet Schedule M1ED.  We provide a receipt of camp payment, which you may be able to submit to deduct the cost of camp using your Health Savings Account; please check with your health insurance to determine eligibility. Families have successfully used their CDCS and CSG grant money to pay for camp in the past. We also may be able to work out a payment plan with you before camp begins.  Contact us for more details.

How do I know you are qualificationed to run Connections: Social Skills Camp?

The directors, Erin Watt and Rebecca Willette, are both certified Special Education Teachers in the state of Minnesota and employed by the Eden Prairie School District. They have undergone background checks in order to be employed in a Minnesota School District. They are currently CPR and First Aide certified. Connections: Social Skills Camp carries private insurance in the event that there is an injury or mishap during a camp session. Both have been teaching for 13 years and are highly qualified. Rebecca holds her Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate from Hamline University, a Masters Degree in Special Education from Bethel University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Erin earned her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Science in Special Education (SLD, DCD, EBD) from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and completed her Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate from Hamline Univeristy.

Are you insured?

Connections: Social Skills Camp, LLC carries a private insurance policy to cover all the staff and campers during camp session activities and events.

I am looking for a summer job or a volunteer opportunity, are you hiring?

No, we appreciate your interest, but at this time we are not hiring or accepting volunteers. However, because we do maintain approximately a 4:1 student/staff ratio, a need may arise in the future. We only hire the best, most qualified people after completing an extensive background and reference check. If you are interested in employment with CSSC, please email us with your resume and a brief description of your experience working with children who have autism or other social difficulties.

Why did you start Connections: Social Skills Camp?

Rebecca Willette and Erin Watt started Connections: Social Skills Camp LLC in 2009 to meet the growing need for students to continue developing their social skills during the summer.  We were originally asked by a parent to provide social skills tutoring in the summer for her son, in a fun way around the Eden Prairie community.  We took the idea of a ‘social skills camp’ and ran with it.  We created Connections: Social Skills Camp to help students who have high-functioning autism and related disabilities to work on developing social skills in the community, while participating in fun activities and developing new friendships.  We have expanded each year and are currently offering Connections: Social Skills Camp to 3rd through 12th graders for four sessions this summer!

How many years have you been running Connections: Social Skills Camp?

This is our eighth year of owning and operating Connections: Social Skills Camp, LLC in and around the Eden Prairie, Minnesota community.

Do you have references?

Yes!  If you would like references from parents’ of previous campers to gain more insight about CSSC, please contact us and we will share this information with you. We also have professional references from our current school district supervisors.

Are you two, Erin and Rebecca, the camp counselors, or do you have other people working at Connections: Social Skills Camp?

For the summer of 2016, Erin Watt and Rebecca Willette will be planning all of the activities and social skills lessons for Connections Social Skills Camp. Erin will be supervising and running the morning camp session, along with AuSM staff. AuSM staff, which includes familiar faces from previous summers, will be facilitating the afternoon session.  In order to keep our ratio of approximately 4:1, we often have additional staff, whom we know both personally and professional, that are hired for the week or volunteer to help for the day.

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