What parents are saying…

Participants’ parents shared about their child’s experience through email, conversations, and feedback collected from SurveyPirate.com

Thanks for your creative approaches to teaching these important social skills!
Everything was excellent! Our son loved the camp last year and I wouldn’t want him to miss it! Thanks for the flexibility.
I think you guys offer something so unique… very valuable lessons for ALL kids.
Outings were fantastic! Don’t miss the wall!
I really appreciate the daily camp note and fun work, it keeps us informed and is a great source of dinner conversation!
When asked what their camper’s favorite activity was:

“He liked them all. It’s hard to choose only one!”

“Mini golf was his favorite, followed by McDonalds and bowling.”

“He loved them all, EP Mall was one he spoke of often.”

If you are interested in learning more about a parent’s perspective on their camper’s experience, please contact us for References at info@socialskillscamp.org