Camp Social Story

My Connections: Social Skills Camp 2010 Social Story:

I had so much fun as Connections Camp last summer!  It was a place where kids like me were learning to be more like SuperFlex!  We got to go on all sorts of adventures around town, and met some really cool people!  Our Counselors taught us lots of tools to help us defeat the Unthinkables that invade our brains sometimes (but don’t worry, that happens to everyone at times)!

The first week we went on a scavenger hunt at Staring Lake.  We tried not to let Rock Brain get us stuck when the clues were a little tricky to find!  We learned about the best guy ever…SuperFlex.  He is awesome and is really helpful to call on in trouble! He helps us stretch and bend when we want to be more like Rock Brain!

Next we took on the Super Challenge of using no bumpers at Brunswick Bowl!  We all worked hard to keep Destroyer of Fun and Glassman away from our game!  It was ok, because we learned some great strategies to help us relax when we’re feeling stressed out.

Our next outing was awesome!  We got to see Private Derek Northenscold’s gold badge!  He is a safety officer at the Mall of America, and he also serves in the military.  We learned about safety at the Eden Prairie Mall while playing mall bingo with our counselors!  Don’t worry, Body Snatcher didn’t get us.  Some of the clerks helped us fix our glasses, gave us directions, answered our questions, and we even saw a live robber!  You just never know what can happen when you’re out and about!

The next week we got to meet some new people at Edendale Residence Community. They were old, but they were really nice.  We learned how to keep conversations balanced and ask good questions when we’re getting to know a new person.  Of course, we also got to plant flowers and learn about how to fill someone’s imaginary bucket.  It was kinda neat to do something nice for someone else.

Week 5 we got to go on a back stage tour of Burger King and play in the play place. Of course, before we did that, we learned about Space Invader, and how to ask on-target questions by avoiding Topic Twister Meister.  Sometimes we had to squeeze pretty close together in the back room, but our space bubbles didn’t get popped!  We even got to see the real deal of how they make the burgers, and how they mix the pop up.

Did I tell you we got to go rock climbing?  We were trying to defeat the famous Unthinkable Worry Wall.  I was pretty worried about going up that really big wall, but my counselors encouraged me, and I beat my worry.   It was really fun to climb so high up!

Mini-golfing was our next activity.  It was SOOO hot outside, so I was glad we got to stay inside the air conditioning to golf.  Otherwise Mean Jean may have popped out!  We practiced things to say and things not to say using a filter…a social filter. Did you know every single person has one in their brain?  Even you!

On our last day we reviewed all of the fun stuff we learned and shares it with our parents.  Then we ate a sweet popsicle on a really hot day during the Awards Ceremony.  Connections Camp was great last year!  I can’t wait until this summer!  It’s going to be a little different going to camp for five days instead of once a week, but I’m going to be Super Flexible about this because I know it’s going to be tons of fun!